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This is the life Oct. 28th, 2008 @ 08:45 am
I'm so damn happy.

Now that I've fixed Beth's computer and built one for Heather, we have a setup where all of us are sitting side-by-side at our computers.  And our kittens, while occasionally gross and/or troublesome, are very affectionate.

It's very cozy.

I am in domestic bliss.
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Kittens Sep. 8th, 2008 @ 07:04 pm
So we have now adopted two kittens. An active orange male named Chase, and a shy black female named Nico.

I was attacked by roaming dogs today Aug. 27th, 2008 @ 09:30 pm
while walking to college.  I scared them off but they were quite persistent.  And then there was a snake on the sidewalk after that.  Maybe Paperboy isn't such a crazy videogame--apparently residential sidewalks are dangerous.

Last night's dream Aug. 26th, 2008 @ 03:58 pm
It was this post apocalyptic world, but there was plenty of vegetation and creatures, they were just all mutated.  Normal humans had become really rare and one had been sought out to join this band of sentients who were trying to bring back civilization or something, because humans were known as masters of the jungle and this band needed to go into this /really/ bad jungle.

The creatures in the band were really bizarre.  Their leader or at least one of the major figures was this dinosaur-esque (kinda like a T-rex but with like 6 legs and other weird things, and smaller) creature named Koma.  Koma was a word that had evolved to have three distinct but related meanings--mouth, beast, and as the proper name of this creature.  Koma was what had become of this powerful Sith Lord who developed a technique to take over the body of other creatures and projected its mind into the body of this thing, but something went wrong and most of its intelligence was lost.  So 'Koma' was mostly unintelligent, but with enough intelligence remaining to know what it was missing and keep searching for a way to restore itself, and to be pretty pissed (and instinctively use the dark side of the Force).  It often enlisted other creatures to help it (and this might be where the band came from originally) and basically anyone trying to explain that it was futile got killed by Koma, so the term 'questing for Koma' referred to those who tried to reason Koma out of its quest and became slang for 'suicide'

There was another creature, or group of them really, that was a bizarre species that approximated an aircraft carrier and planes...  The main one floated slowly around and housed the smaller ones (that looked kind've like flattened footballs with mouths and eyes) inside of it and sent them out to do its bidding.  The small ones could fly pretty fast, and they liked to chatter and had almost no regard for their own lives, only the life of their 'mother'.

There was much more, but I've forgotten it.

First really detailed dream I've had in awhile Jun. 17th, 2008 @ 10:30 am
I had a dream that I was a Skrull as part of the Secret Invasion. I was a real low level one, basically I was there along with my Skrull wife and kids and my job was to subtly spread pro-Skrull propaganda and try to talk people into defecting. My other function was as a contact in case a more important agent was close to being flushed out and needed a quick escape route--since I was so low profile. So I'm living my life and arguing off and on with my next door neighbor, who's also a Skrull, about the benefits of living on Earth as a human, and it's my position that it's quite nice and I really want to stay indefinitely. But anyway, eventually one of the higher ups gets himself exposed and ends up at my house to escape. My family is out at the moment and he wants he and I to get off-world--right then. I refused to go without my family, and wanted to go get them real quick before leaving, but then the house was stormed by troops and police, who get the other guy with some kinda electro-net and he's out like a light. I manage to flee while they're doing this, and get outside the house, but the whole place is ringed by guys with guns and attack dogs. The rest of the dream turned into me futily trying to get away. I tried turning into a few different things to fool 'em or out-maneuver them but the dogs stayed on me anyway.

The funny thing is that I don't particularly like Secret Invasion, I haven't read any of it, and I've never been a big fan of the Skrulls either.
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» Poem
soon as it was all over

she crept under the sink.
for eight days

a diet of milk & tautologies
» What a dream I had last night
So last night I dreamed that I was at work on a Wednesday afternoon, and I tried to call Heather while on my break but I got a voice mail greeting telling me that she was at school and was all like 'of course, I should've realized' even though that didn't make any sense. Then Adam was going to be quitting his job in 2 months or so and I was telling him that we should hang out and such after he quit, and I got in trouble from the boss for printing too much paper. All pretty standard dream stuff I guess.

But then Adam brought in his two month old infant (he does have a baby, although older than two months), and everybody was oohing and aahing, and Adam explained sadly that he hadn't learned to grasp things with his hands yet, and for some reason that meant he never would, he'd gone too long without learning it or something. So everybody was all sympathetic that Adam's son was somewhat retarded, and eventually they leave him alone and I go to take a look. Seems like a pretty standard baby, until he asked me in a perfectly clear voice why everyone had been staring at him and making those ridiculous noises. Adam was right there and I was like 'Uh... Your baby just spoke to me...' and he shrugged it off with something along the lines of 'he does that, yeah', and nobody else seemed to think much of it either.

So I start talking to the kid, testing him, giving him math questions and testing his comprehension of the world, and he's basically replying like an adult. His knowledge had gaping holes in it, but he was smart enough to figure out quite alot. So I start warning him that his life's going to be really rough, that it was tough enough for me to be young and intelligent, but that since he's smarter it'll be even harder, plus his inability to use his hands... And I'm talking to him for a good while, not sugarcoating anything, just trying to to prepare him for the bad in life so it won't catch him unawares. Cause I figured no one else will think to do so, because that's what people do--they think they can protect the young from everything, and even protect them from knowing what they're being protected from. And of course that's impossible.

So anyway, I'm carrying him around, talking to him, and then there's this huge 'THOOM!', and the power goes out. Then some smaller explosions, screaming. Also, the library starts burning. So everybody rushes out the front into the parking lot, but I'm taking it slower, trying to see what's going on first. And as it turns out, the library isn't in it's usual spot, but is instead where Big Lots is located, and there's this small church next to it where the game store should be. There was some stuff with them earlier in the dream, but I don't remember what it was. But this was all matter-of-fact dream stuff.

But now, the library is on fire, the church is on fire, the parking lot is full of burning cars that are exploding, and the church members are all out there in robes cutting people down with machetes. Apparently they'd detonated a bomb in their own church. So I manage to sneak away with the baby, and now it's nighttime. I get as far as that awful death curve on Albert Pike, and pull out my cell phone to call Beth for her to come pick us up, since I figure we're far enough away now. But I can't dial, because there's a special message on my phone that read something like 'In response to the massive series of terrorist attacks across the nation, all cell phone service has been suspended to prevent its use in the coordination of further assaults. Thank you for your cooperation.' So then I was like... '.../Shit/'. And started thinking about how I was gonna manage to take care of the baby for who knows how long.

And then I woke up.
» The Four Factors
The thing is, the democratic process doesn't work. It has never worked. By this, I don't mean that it's objectively completely unworkable, of course--but that relatively speaking, compared to other possible governmental forms, it's pretty bad. The number of cruel dictators that have been freely elected pretty much shoots down the notion that somehow democracy safeguards individual freedoms, so it doesn't even have that going for it.

The safeguards of freedom depend on 4 things.

1) The education level of the populace. Knowledge of history, psychology, philosophy particularly, but all education is helpful. A smarter, more educated populace will know the difference between what it shouldn't have to put up with and what's necessary for the greater good.

2) The economic prosperity of the populace. A populace that comfortably has the necessities of life covered, and has significant leisure time, both has more time to gather information, consider the information, and isn't too exhausted or stressed/apathetic to act on the information if needed.

3) The ease of communication of the populace. The free exchange of ideas, sometimes called the marketplace of ideas. Things to mull over, to keep the mind sharp. Information and reasons to care about the events taking place in geographically distant areas.

4) The ability of the populace to overthrow their system of government, if necessary. If 1-3 lead the populace to conclude something intolerable is taking place, and the legal methods of remedying it have failed, the populace must be able to (with great effort, but a mostly certain eventual outcome) forcibly destroy the government in favor of a new one.

None of those four factors are specifically tied to democracy. However, they /are/ tied in many respects to the technology of the modern world. The fact that democracy became fashionable together with the snowballing effect of science and technology reaching a critical mass leads people to an unfounded correlation between the two, and an idea that other government forms are necessarily archaic and unable to utilize science and technology to maintain a high level of the four factors--simply because the last time these other government forms were dominant there wasn't nearly as much science and technology /to/ utilize.
» I have lost my mind
So Thursday night I check out some books on investing. Yesterday (Friday), I'm hooked on reading them. Just devouring these books. Then, last night all night I dream about buying and selling stocks and bonds, and wake up mentally reviewing what I've learned about dividends.

1) This is insanity
2) As I suspected, the stock market is functionally equivalent to Pokemon/D&D/Heroclix, just with a different set of mechanics to learn.
3) I'm not dumb enough to dump a bunch of money into it with no experience, so don't freak out. The plan is, when I'm ready, I'll put a /little/ bit of money in and play with it awhile to see how it goes. And then /maybe/ later do more, depending.
» HA!
I've always /planned/ to submit my college applications on the first day of the year for best priority for admission and financial aid... And this year, I finally did just that. I rock.
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